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In an effort to educate, we use specific terminology on this site.  Please review these key terms and their definitions to help you understand some of the more technical questions below.

Sizing: Wheel size dimensions are always measured in inches.  The first number indicated is the overall diameter and the second number referenced is the width of the wheel.

Offset: This secondary number in a wheel description indicates the mounting point of the wheel.  The offset can range from very high positive (+) offsets for stock setups to very low (-) aggressive setups for lifted vehicles.  Each make and model of vehicle requires different offsets in relation to brake, suspension, and wheel width combinations.

Backspacing: This measurement (in inches) is the amount of space from the mounting pad to the inside lip of the wheel.  Backspacing is directly tied to the width and offset of a wheel.  Most aftermarket suspension lifts will indicate what required backspacing is needed to clear the aftermarket components.

Center-Bore: With a multitude of hub sizes, hub rings, and different center caps, the center-bore of a wheel is another great measurement to be aware of.  The center-bore is always measured in millimeters and directly indicates how wide the opening is in the center of the wheel.

OE: OE stands for Original Equipment.  This is a direct reference to the items that make up a vehicle when it comes from the factory.  They are the original parts used by the manufacturer.


Where can I purchase Level 8 Motorsports Wheels?  Since Level 8 Motorsports stands firmly in a role as a manufacturer, we have a list of approved vendors in which we work with directly.  Given your choice of outlets, you can swing by an actual store or have them delivered right to your doorstep.  The list of our approved vendors can be found here.

My center caps are damaged or rusting, where can I get new ones?  All of our approved vendors have access to our replacement caps in our warehouse.  A simple call or visit to the nearest approved vendor and they will get new ones ordered up for you.

I just purchased my Level 8 Motorsports wheels, what lug-nuts should I use?  Every application and setup varies greatly; therefore, we always recommend checking with the outlet in which you purchased the wheels.  We, as a company, have always had close ties to Gorilla Automotive Lugs and highly recommend them as we know the quality and consistency they provide.  As a general rule of thumb, all our wheels use the industry standard aftermarket specs for lug openings.  We always recommend aftermarket lugs especially those that have locks built in so that your investment is secured.

Where are the Level 8 Motorsports wheels made?  We proudly partner with an overseas Asia based affiliate.  We use a top tier factory system that produces wheels for some of the largest automotive manufacturers on the planet.  The level of security and safety used in our manufacturing plants ensures the wheels are always top quality and will keep you rolling down the road with peace of mind.


Proper Wheel Care: The painted or machined wheels of Level 8 Motorsports come with a top of the line clear coat with built in UV protection.  The general rule of thumb is anything that is safe enough to wash your car's paint is also safe enough to wash your wheels.  The industry go-by is using mild dish soap and water; dry with a soft cloth.  Any harsh or corrosive cleaners are to be kept away at all costs as they will damage the finish of the wheel.

Polished Aluminum: Clean the polished aluminum Tracker using mild dish soap and water; dry with a soft cloth. The appearance of polished wheels (that are not clear coated) will diminish over time unless they receive additional care and maintenance. After cleaning, apply a coat of soft, non-abrasive paste/cream wax or wheel seal. A specially formulated aluminum wheel polish and wheel seal is recommended to return shine to the oxidized wheels. The finish on polished aluminum wheels is not covered under any warranty.